Top 5 Sleep Tips

Top 5 Sleep Tips

Ever wish you could have a better night’s sleep?

We all know getting enough sleep is crucial to our physical and mental wellbeing. But sometimes, falling asleep or staying asleep can be difficult.  Improve your sleep routine with our Top 5 Sleep Tips!

1. It’s all about the timing!

Set your body’s internal clock by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.

If you’ve had a late night, try a day time nap (rather than sleeping in) to help make up for sleep deficiency without disturbing your natural sleep-wake rhythm.

2. Max up on natural light

To help your body’s melatonin production, get plenty of natural light in the morning, the sooner after you wake up the better.

Have your morning coffee outside, or enjoy breakfast by a sunny window to help you wake up and reset your sleep-wake cycle.

3. Skip the afternoon coffee

Your afternoon coffee may help post-lunch sluggishness – but it could actually be the cause of it.

Caffeine shortens your deep-sleep phases resulting in poorer sleep quality and duration.

So try to avoid caffeinated products at least eight hours before bedtime.

4. Keep cool and sleep better

Feeling too warm will disrupt your sleep as your body is trying to reset its core temperature.

Ideal sleeping temperature is 20 degrees or cooler.  So open a window, use a fan or air conditioner (if available) and adjust your bedding (see point 5 below) to cool down.

5.  Choose your bedding wisely

Avoid synthetic materials like polyester, microfibre and memory foam.  Opt instead for all natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, silk, linen and wool.

Out of these bamboo and linen are the most cooling thanks to their superior breathability, moisture wicking, and thermal regulating qualities.  Absolutely perfect for hot sleepers or those with sensitive skin!

Here at Natural Home Living we want you to have the best sleep experience.  That’s why we’re passionate about sourcing proven products that are made from 100% natural fibres, that are breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and comfortable to sleep in, with no nasty chemicals or pesticides used in the process.

Our bedding collections are crafted from either 100% Organic Bamboo OR pure French Flax Linen, and are Oeko-Tex Standard100 Certified (which means there are no harmful substances in our products), and available in everything you need to create the perfect sleep zone.  We also have a premium range of bamboo / alpaca quilts, pillows and mattress topper that are 100% Australian made.  Everything in our online store is natural and sustainable, plus we have to mention the pretty things like our 100% Pure French Linen Cushions and Pure French Linen Quilted Bed Covers & Throws, that are simply gorgeous.

Today, more and more people are discovering how amazing bamboo and linen sheets are, not only due to their environmental qualities, but also the natural anti-bacterial and breathable qualities they offer, not to mention the ultra-soft feel and silkiness that is a dream to sleep in.

“Once you’ve slept in our natural bedding, you’ll never go back to anything else!”

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