How To Stay Cool While Sleeping On Hot Summer Nights

French Linen and Bamboo: Five ways to stay cool while sleeping

The warm months are finally here! We can’t wait to get outside and soak in some sun, but first, we need a good night’s sleep.

The only downside to summer is it can get really hot at night. When it’s too hot, it’s hard to sleep. As a bedding company, our whole thing is making sure that you get a great night’s sleep. To help you stay cool on hot nights, here are some tips:

1. Take A Cold Shower

A cold shower is not the most relaxing thing. However, if you shower at night, it’s a great way to cool yourself down. You don’t have to spend the entire shower in cold water, just the last minute or two. This will bring your body temp down, helping you get a better night’s sleep. Not in the mood for a shower? You can achieve a similar effect with a cold compress.

2. Wear Loose Fitting Pyjamas

If you wear pyjamas to bed, avoid anything tight. Tight clothing reduces the amount of airflow the body receives. This can lead to your body temperature increasing. Instead, wear fabric that hangs loosely on the body, allowing for airflow. It’s also a good idea to choose breathable fabrics like French linen, bamboo, or cotton.

3. Use A Fan While You Sleep

Fans circulate the air, leading to more airflow. This can help you stay cool no matter how hot your room gets. It also helps to run a fan as the humming sound is similar to white noise and may help you fall asleep.

4. Unplug Your Electronics

Electronics like televisions, tablets, and even your cell phone all generate heat. Overnight, this heat can build, leading your room to get too hot. Before falling asleep, turn off and unplug these electronics. If you need to charge your phone, consider a different room.

5. Sleep With French Linen Or Bamboo Sheets

French linen and bamboo are both cooling and breathable fabrics. They do not trap heat and are more absorbent than other materials. The fabric will wick away moisture from your body and evaporate, which will keep your body at its optimum temperature. They are the perfect material for summer bedding. Using French linen and bamboo sheets will help you stay cool all night.

With these five tips, you’ll be able to get a cool night’s sleep every night. If you’d like to replace your bedding with breathable French linen or bamboo sheets, we can help. At Natural Home Living, we have a wide selection of luxurious, sustainable bedding that will keep you cool all summer.

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