Organic Bedding With Your Sleep Style In Mind

Organic Bedding With Your Sleep Style In Mind

Can’t sleep without a flat sheet? Prefer a duvet or quilt cover instead? What about both? It doesn’t matter – there’s organic bedding to fix exactly your sleep style.

Recent polls have shown some pretty surprising results regarding the “controversial” flat sheet topic. While many around the world are abandoning the flat sheet for a quilt or duvet only, Australians know the value of a good double-sheet setup. A poll has found that 68% of respondents prefer a fitted sheet and a flat sheet all the way, while only 32% said they prefer a fitted sheet and quilt or duvet instead.

To serve the 68%, flat sheets made from organic material make sure your ideal bed is teeming with luxury at every level. Made from pure French linen, the flat sheet is breathable, soft, hypoallergenic, and most of all comfortable. Caring for an organic flat sheet made from French linen isn’t complicated; all it takes is a cold water wash and a fresh line dry and you’re ready to get cosy once again. Under your bamboo quilt cover or French linen duvet cover, you’re wrapped in the softest fibres our planet has to offer.

While flat sheet users might make up the majority, the refusers make up no small minority. 32% means that just under 1 in every 3 Australians polled do not use a flat sheet, and organic bedding ensures you still have the most luxurious sleep experience even without that extra layer. A French linen duvet cover is easy to care for, it’s breathable, it’s soft against the skin, and it’s durable, so it stays in great condition night in and night out.

Another option is bamboo, and a bamboo quilt cover offers many of the same benefits as French linen but with a couple of extra perks. Bamboo tends to be even softer than the already soft French linen, so it’s a great investment for those who want the best organic bedding and buttery soft feel. Additionally, for those with allergies, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic while being antibacterial and odour-resistant.

Whether you’re a fan of the flat sheet, or you go with quilt cover only, there’s no wrong way to sleep as long as you love the bed you’re in. Organic bedding provides a luxurious option and is a better choice for your health and our planet, regardless of your sleep style. At Natural Home Living we offer fitted and flat sheets as separates, as well as quilt cover sets, in either French Linen or Organic Bamboo.

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